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Civil War Tour

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What is This Tour?


Civil War Tour

Revisit one of the greatest tragedies in the history of America as a country turned on itself. 620,000 men lost their lives during this brutal period in our history. Examine the main cause of the Civil War and the institution of slavery, and follow the events that led to our nation breaking apart, the result of the Ordinance of Secession signed on December 20, 1860. Find out what life was like for the people of Charleston, both free and enslaved, during that chaotic time. Learn how the conflict escalated, what happened after the war, the tensions of the 20th century, and their effect on current events.


Learn about the battle of Fort Wagner featured in the movie Glory staring Danzel Washington and Morgan Freeman. In that battle the Massachusetts 54th regiment, the first African American regiment to see battle in this country, fought admirably, were considered heroes and earned their proper position as brave patriotic Americans. 


Mike will also speak about some of the military innovations in that war like the Hunley, the first submarine to sink an enemy ship, the “Swamp Angel” a new Union cannon that would fire a 200 pound projectile more that 8000 yards and the Keokuk one of the Unions new ironsides.


Why Historic Charleston Tours?


Our licensed Charleston city tour guide, Mike Frederick, has been living in Charleston for over 25 years. Currently, he offers an unmatched small tour experience. Meet Mike and take an impromptu stroll through the historic district of Charleston. Go at your own pace, explore alleys and roads less traveled, and visit popular attractions. Tour subject matter can be tailored to your specific family lineage or interests. Small group tours are an intimate way for small groups, families, and couples to discover this beloved city of America! See why Mike is considered one of the preferred guides by Charleston’s premier hotels.


1.5-2 Hour Tour


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