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Randolph Hall 
College of Charleston - 1830

Charleston, SC is a wonderful place to visit. So much history, so many centuries old traditions.  Choosing the right tour guide will make your experience truly memorable. 


Mike Frederick is a licensed city guide that has lived in the Old and Historic District for more than 25 years. He can give you a perspective that few others can.  Travel little known pathways. Learn of 350 year old traditions that are still practiced today.   Anyone that meets Mike will be able to see how much he truly loves this city through the excitement that he brings to each tour he gives.

It is his top priority that by the end of the tour you will truly know the ins  outs of this very special city!

Mike's tours are small, intimate and designed for the sophisticated traveler. Choose one of his tours, bring friends and family or come by yourself and see why Charleston's leading hotel choose Mike for their guests. Mike looks forward to giving you a memorable tour.

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